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Fohoway Blood Circulative Massager

Fohoway Blood Circulative Massager
Fohoway Blood Circulative Massager
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  • Fohoway Blood Circulative Massager improves Blood circulation
  • The Dual Speed function of this device is most effective which helps to maintain blood circulation in your body
  • This Device helps to circulate oxygen and nutrients in your blood cells
  • This device has 28 deep-ocean magnet stones which support to Maintain good Health and balances the energy of yin (Negative energy) and yang (Positive Energy) that gives you more strength physically as well as mentally
  • This Device has 7500 (RPM)High-speed spiral vibration- expelling the toxic dirt in the body, promoting the Qi & blood and micro-circulation of the body


  • Improve the functions of the internal organs by improving poor blood circulation in the body
  • Cleans blood vessels and activate cells
  • Improve digestion and absorption
  • Enhance immunity and improves self-healing ability
  • Helps to maintain the weight and reduce excess fat
  • Good in muscle cramps & swelling
  • It helps to maintain Diabetes
  • Dredge meridians, regulate the circulation of blood and QI
  • Sedative, regulating the nervous system, balances the endocrine
  • Regulate micro-circulation

Not Recommended:

  • Bleeding diseases
  • Female menstrual period and pregnancy
  • Prohibited for people with blood diseases
  • Various heart diseases and myocardial infarction diseases
  • Severe heart, lung, liver, and kidney failure and critical patients
  • Do not use it within half a year after the operation
  • Do not use in case of metal objects in the body (such as steel nails or steel plates to fix bones, cardiac pacemakers, etc.)

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