Fohoway Launching First Online Corporate Briefing Meeting with India Ambitions Leaders!

Fohoway is going forward; India Market is going forward, even with this special situation of corona virus epidemic. After nearly four months effort, Fohoway India market is ready....

At 15:00pm, March 26th, the first online Zoom meeting with India distributor leaders was conducted successfully.

First of all, Kevin Hou, the Corporate Director & President of Fohoway Group Business Development Center, delivered an impressive and exciting speech for all leaders and stuff. During this speech, Mr. Kevin Hou introduced the development history of Fohoway, and also gave a good and retailed introduction of products, office location, and also the development planning of Fohoway India Company. At the end of speech, Mr. Kevin Hou encouraged all distributors to start the business right away and also sent his blessing to all of the distributors.

Secondly, as the country manager of Fohoway India Company, Mr. Dheeraj Singh also shared his thought to all of the distributor leaders. He believed Fohoway India will become the most successful company in India with the excellent products and support.

The product training was started after that. Mrs. Zoey Feng, as the training manager of Fohoway Group, gave an introduction of the portable Magic Device. All distributors were attracted by the special function of Chinese traditional physical therapy and shown their passion to promote this product.

At the end of the Meeting, Mr. Darren Bai explained the business plan for all distributors. All distributors were very positive and happy to have this good business plan.

Sail your dream with Fohoway and sail your dream with India. India Go Go Go!!!