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Han Jinming

Chariman and President of Fohoway Group

Dear FOHOWAY business partners,

After ten years' journey with obstacles, we continue to struggle with great responsibilities.

After years of global market expansion, with the mission of promoting health culture and benefiting human health, combining the latest research achievements of modern life science, FOHOWAY Group established three health-preserving theories: diet regimen, behavioral regimen and psychological regimen. After the practice and testimonial, it has recognized by customers.

Since February 2007, FOHOWAY Group started in Moscow. From an unknown healthcare enterprise to a big existence invited to join as the Global Growth Member of World Economic Forum. From an enterprise flourishing in the Russian market to a corporate representative developing business on the global basis. With the mission of promoting health culture and benefiting human health, FOHOWAY Group made a glorious achievement of global development on the basis of hard work.

FOHOWAY Group always guarantees consumer demand through quality products and services, provides a fair, sustainable and stable global business development opportunity for those who are willing to start their own businesses, helping them to achieve wealth, success, value and a healthy, happy and wonderful life. High quality products and service has become the core competitiveness to win the global market.

Facing the centennial journey, FOHOWAY Group will continue to follow the trend, shake hands with the world, deeply explore the new path of health care industry developing, create more graceful and healthy space for chorus of all countries in the world, devote every effort to making more people gain health and happiness, and to building FOHOWAY Group to be the most successful health care platform in the world.

Let's join together to create the better future on the basis of Harmony, Collegiality, Friendship and Virtues.

Xian Sheng

Vice-Chairman of Fohoway Group

Kevin Hou

Corporate Director & President of International Business Center Fohoway Group

Rakesh Sharma

Country Operation Head of Fohoway India

Vinod Kumar

Customer Care & Business Account Manager


National Head (Sales & Marketing) cum Area Manager (South India)